Sunday, 10 February 2019

Additional Teaching

This is a post I made somewhere: Everyone, Israel became a nation in the year 1948 of the Gregorian calendar. But, do you know that it is equivalent to the year 5708 of the Hebrew calendar, which is said to have begun during the time of creation? And do you know that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948/5708 falls in the same day and time of the creation of Adam? You will arrive at this when you use the equivalency of 1 day in heaven is equivalent to 1000 years in man. It was no coincidence. It was by design. Israel is the seed of Adam, who is the mirror image of his father. If you will notice also, the righteous generation of Adam in the Torah ended with the nation of Israel, and Israel is considered a single person in the eyes of God many times in the Torah.

The sin of the father will be corrected by the son. This is called Tikun in Kabbalah. And this is what will happen in the sixth day, the day that we are in right now. How will this happen? In Jeremiah 31:33, it is said “This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel after that time,” declares the Lord. “I will put my Torah in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. This time, Israel will choose the Tree of Life, the Torah which is called the Old Testament by Christianity. As shown in the verses of Jeremiah, the Torah being observed wholeheartedly is the true New Testament or Covenant. There is nothing new as God does not change.

What then is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? It also manifests in another level as no other than the New Testament of Christianity, the invention of the Romans. Just like the snake, the Romans tempted Israel to abandon the Torah and instead take from its own fruit. Its fruit is the one eaten by animals in the field. It constitutes the sin of idolatry against God, just like the incident of the golden calf, and it includes with it the ways of life of the animals or the pagan nations. Also, just as the snake bent what God actually said, to tempt Eve, the makers of the New Testament bent and corrupted the Torah and the teachings of the sages of Israel.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

What is Next?

Now that you have seen my teachings, what is next is for you to let me lead you back to Paradise, for you to hear the complete Torah of the Messiah and therefore for you to finally be able to eat from the Tree of Life again.

You can invite me for talks or seminars. All are for free and are done from compassion. God is all merciful.

If in the future, you my beloved reader, and also the people with you, are in a predicament, remember me. You can tell me to your government official or religious leader. Politics or religion, I can help. All are under God.

This is the time.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

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I have reactivated my Twitter account after a long time of it being dormant. It is so that I could continuously give words of wisdom to you all. And so that the light of redemption would be able to reach more people. Here is the link of my account:

Saturday, 1 December 2018

How Does Israel, The True Messiah, Saves The World

I'm back :-). Happy Hanukkah my beloved Jews. This post is a gift for you all.

First, read the following quotes that I took from the free online book "Apple from the Orchard", which is a collection of the Arizal's teachings on the Torah. Afterwards, you will see my explanation:

"The [souls of the] Jews of the generation that was in exile in Egypt were derived from the drops of semen that Adam emitted during the 130 years he was separated from his wife."

"They had previously been incarnated as the generation of the flood, who used to also spill their seed on the ground, inasmuch as they were derived from the same origin."

"It follows that the generation of the flood were veritably Adam’s evil. This is also the mystical meaning of [G-d’s statement before the flood], “I will wipe out the man that I have created.”"

"They were later reincarnated as the generation of the dispersion. [This generation is also referred to as Adam’s progeny, as it is written, “And G-d descended] to see the city and the tower that the sons of man had built,” meaning the direct progeny of Adam, reincarnations of his own seminal emissions."

"Thus, the whole purpose of the Egyptian exile was to purify these souls. This is why they were subjected to such oppression, and [the Egyptians] “made their lives bitter with hard labor in mortar and bricks,” corresponding to the mortar and bricks the generation of the dispersion used [to build the tower of Babel]. Understand this."

"The 130 years that the Israelites were in Egypt prior to the birth of Moses were spent in gathering in the sparks of holy souls which Adam had discharged by wasting his seed in the 130 years prior to the birth of his son Seth, who was the very same aspect as Moses."


Above is how Israel rectifies the sin of Adam, that is Israel bears the sins of the world and suffers from them. All the sufferings that Israel experienced up until now are for rectifying the sins of the past incarnations of people in the world. This is also what is meant by "Measure For Measure" (“Midda K'negged Midda”), for God is just. And this is also the reason why a man-god cannot atone for the sins of the world. Reality does not work that way. How it works is, when the people of the world have elevated their spirituality, they are born as Jews where they have the opportunity to correct their past mistakes and to further ascend spiritually. And this also goes to show that when Israel, the true Messiah, is saving the world, he is actually saving himself. As for the Jews, many of their sages and holy men of the past have gone to take rebirth as Gentiles. This is part of how they give light to the world. And so overall, there is no need for Gentiles to hate the Jews or vice versa.

The true Messiah/Christ is a sinner (the same is with his head/leader, the Son of David, who is about to come). He is like the high priest Joshua/Jesus in the book of Zechariah. But just as written in that book, God will cleanse/forgive him of his sins. Moreover, God will give him kingship. Israel, the nation of priests and kings, will eventually be exalted. And Israel will be able to completely save the world. The world will be able to completely save itself.

Note: According to the Arizal, Christianity and Islam corrupted the teachings of the Messiah. It is therefore only natural to see that they both uses the verses and names of the Torah. Both Christianity and Islam uses the name of angel Gabriel. Christianity uses the name Jesus from its Hebrew equivalent Joshua (the high priest), Mary from Miriam (Moses sister), and Joseph from Joseph (son of Jacob).

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Let us tackle the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Torah/Teachings of Moses. The Torah has two sides. One gives life and blessings. The other gives death and curses. Deut 30:15-18. The good side is staying in the Holy Land. The evil side is exile.

About the evil side, the last result is the Roman exile. The Roman teachings, Christianity, is also a part of it. It is the opposide side of the Torah, which is from the side of good. It has many levels or degrees of evil. The first one is hating the whole nation of Israel, its sages, or its ordinary people. The second one is hating the Torah/Teachings of Moses, either in parts or as a whole. It therefore also has sublevels like the first. The third one is idolatry and blasphemy. This is shown by contradicting the teachings of the Torah about God, by instead believing that a man - god crucified on a cross is the salvation. The succeeding levels are the combination of two of the aforementioned three. The highest level is the combination of all the first 3 levels, which is when a person hates Israel and the Torah, thereby being evil in deeds (subtle and gross), while at the same time believing that a man - god crucified on a cross saved him, saves him, or will save him.

The Roman exile and Christianity happened after eating the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with the evil side dominating. It is the child of sin, same as Cain. Both can be said as the child of the Devil. Israel who was born or became a nation on 1948 is the same as Abel who is the second child, and who is from the good side of the tree. Cain killing Abel happened thrice already. The second one happened when the first temple was destroyed. There is nothing new under the sun. With this it is already destined that just as Israel was redeemed in Egypt, so too will Israel win over the Roman empire.

But, it also always happen that Cain always manages to kill Abel. He did it three times already. What is different this time around? Because Cain is part of the result of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with evil dominating, he is contained in the number six or sixth, which follows after The Torah as the Tree of Life, which is the five or fifth. He is part of the sin that happened on the sixth day. On the grand scheme of things, the Roman exile and Christianity is the third exile or the last 6 culminating to the the evil 666. There can be no evil lower than it. When it comes to the divine plan using the days of creation, the time at the Garden of Eden and its exile counts as the first 2 days. The First Temple and its exile counts as the third and fourth day. The second temple and its exile counts as the fifth and sixth day. Just as prophesized in the Book of Daniel, the last empire, which is Rome, will be strucked and will fall by the stone cut not by human hands, which is no other than than the nation of Israel, the only nation made by God. It is predestined that the Roman empire will be the last empire. After it, there will be rest and peace in the Holy Land. There will be the seventh day, the Sabbath.

Friday, 3 August 2018


Here is the summary of my blog and of my mission:
My mission is Revelation, Return, and Redemption. Revelation as in revealing the Torah/Teachings of God and its secrets and hidden mysteries. Return/Repentance as in telling the people to return to Him. Redemption as in bringing about the redemption of Israel and the world.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

My Shield

Its been a while, my beloved Jews. Volcanoes have erupted. Floods and Hurricanes have come and go. Other calamities will be doing the same way. But me and my Shield is always here waiting, waiting for you to come and learn about God, waiting for you to come and be saved.

Above, as you already know, is the Shield of David. It is also my Shield. It is my Covenant with God.

God is my Shield, my Strength, and my Salvation.