Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Sharon is Saul, Netanyahu is Jonathan, and then the Messiah Son of David will come

First, here is a quote from my book, "Secrets of Creation - Book 1":

"Part I. Genesis 4 Commentary

Genesis 4:3 In the course of time, Cain brought an offering to the Lord from the fruit of the soil;
Samuel 11:5 Saul was just coming from the field driving the cattle;...

Both of them are farmers. One is the first son, the other is the first king.

Genesis 4:4 ...and Abel, for his part, brought the choicest of the firstlings of his flock.
Samuel 16:11 "There is still the youngest; he is tending the flock."

Both of them are shepherds. One is the second son, the other is the second king."

We know that Cain is the first child of Adam and Eve. We also know that Saul is the first king produced by the nation of Israel comprising of two undivided kingdom. And now, here we are at the time of redemption. We are now within the period of 5000 - 6000 years in the Hebrew calendar. Using the 1000 years of man is equivalent to 1 day of God, we know that we are now in the Sixth day. On the Sixth day, Adam was created. And so it was done. The nation of Israel was established again on year 5708 of the Hebrew calendar, which is 1948 AD in the Gregorian calendar.

Who then is the first son or king who is equivalent to Saul? Here is my post, dated April 20, 2008, on my FB group, Torah and Kabbalah of the End of Days:
"Cain came before Abel. Saul came before David. A leader will come before the Messiah. First, we must base our analysis on who is that leader on Cain. This is because the creation story is where all redemptions are based. Saul was based on Cain. The leader before the Messiah should be based on Cain also. It is only then that he should be based on Saul. Now, just like Cain, this leader before the Messiah is also a farmer. If we look at Saul, we'll know that this leader was a farmer in his youth. The Torah will not be in his heart. He will lead the people but he will go against the commandments of God. Because of him turning against God, his leadership will be stopped. Who then is this leader? I believe that this leader is Ariel Sharon."

Here is the proceeding post, dated May 5, 2008:
"To explain more on Ariel Sharon - Cain and Saul did not follow the commandments regarding the offering in the altar. This resulted to their being the prominent son (leadership) being cut off. There is no temple today so the WORKS are used instead of traditional offerings.
Cain killed Abel. Saul tried to do the same thing but failed many times. I have explained the reason for the failures at the above article. And from that information, we can reason that Ariel Sharon need not to have met and tried to kill the Messiah. He does not have to had jealousy towards him either. This is because we are on the final level towards perfection. This is the last redemption and corrections like these are bound to happen."

Ariel Sharon is Saul based on his name alone. His surname is spelled in Hebrew as Shin Resh Vav Nun. Half of the letters is missing to form the name Saul. The other half is found in his first name. It could also be explained as the half of first half and the half of the second half was found in his first name. It is the same with Benjamin Netanyahu who is Jonathan, son of Saul. His surname is spelled in Hebrew as Nun Tav Nun Yod Heh Vav. This time, the first half became the last half and vice versa. Netanyahu and Jonathan has the exact same spelling in Hebrew.

Jonathan, being the son of Saul, made the same sins as his father. Netanyahu made the same sins as Sharon. As I have said previously, tikunim or corrections are bound to happen. And so, Saul had a longer life span in the person of Sharon. He also did not die in battle. Jonathan also had a longer life span now in the person of Netanyahu. He is still alive. Both Saul and Jonathan are warriors. Both Sharon and Netanyahu are warriors.

The sign of redemption when it comes to the first king only came into action when Sharon became the Prime Minister. He is the older warrior after all. He was "a commander in the Israeli Army from its creation in 1948". He was even called "the greatest field commander in our history". Even though Netanyahu won the seat before him, his position only counted as a sign after Sharon was done. He is the younger warrior after all.

Only after Saul and Jonathan were in the scene did David came and became the king of Israel. Only after Sharon and Netanyahu will the Messiah ben David come and reign. This time though, unlike during the time of Saul and Jonathan where there were power struggles between the three, the transition to kingship is smooth. Only after Sharon was unable to continue did Netanyahu sit as a king. The Messiah ben David need not to have fight Sharon for the kingship. He need not to take it from his son, Netanyahu, either. But because of this, the coming of the Messiah ben David is delayed, which is something that was talked about by the past sages of Israel as being supposed to happen.     

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The Tree of Life - 2nd Part

I, who am also called Jehoshua, who is the son of Minda (מינדה), a midwife just like the mother of Moses, will now continue the teaching regarding the Tree of Life. The 1st part was written and revealed last year, when Iran provoked the King of Arabia.

As I mentioned in the 1st part, "JewEl" is the Tree of Life. It literally means "Jew is God". To eat it, one must chew it, which means one must comprehend it. Then one must swallow it, which means one must internalize it.

To further add to the understanding, here is an additional information: Again, "Jewel" in Hebrew has four letters, Yod Vav Aleph Lamed. Using gematria and the rounding off of numbers, we will arrive to the conclusion that both it and the holy name "Adonay" have the same value. "Adonay" means Lord or Master in English by the way. True enough, Jewel is Adonay. "Jew is God" is the "Lord or Master". Through "Jew is God", the heavenly kingdom or Malchut will come to the world. In other words, through Israel and his Torah, the rightful King, the kingdom of God will arrive on earth.

"Jewel" has another very very important meaning that has an even more layers of meanings that can be unlocked through it. It shows the unification of the Kingdom of Judah with the Kingdom of Israel. Judah is Jew. Israel is El. Before the sin of idolatry which broke the holy nation into two parts, the nation is one and united. It is the same as before the sin of the golden calf, in which the stone tablet written by God Himself was not yet being broken into two pieces. "Jewel" is that same stone tablet.

Now, let us formally end the 1st part and then begin the 2nd part. What is the 2nd part all about? It is the higher level of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has levels after all. Let us go directly to it.
The 2nd level of the Tree of Life is the holy name, "Emeth Amen". "Emeth" is a Hebrew holy name which means "Truth". "Amen" is a Hebrew holy name which means "So be it". The combined two in English means, "Truth, So be it". It is very important that before this, the person has to accept the 1st truth, which is that "Jew is God". It is only afterwards that he/she can go to this. After all, both are the same. It also goes to show that "Torah and Israel" is the "Truth with Certainty". Shortened by taking only the first part of the two, "The Torah is Truth".  

Friday, 25 October 2019

5780, the Beginning of the Third World War

As everyone already knows, we just had the Jewish New Year last October 1. We are now already in the beginning month of the 5780th year of the Hebrew Calendar. What to expect this year which extends through to the year 2020 of the Gregorian calendar? First, we already have what could be the beginning of World War 3. It started when Turkey made an offensive into the North of Syria. It has been going on for about two weeks now.

Where did I get the idea? It is from the Chofetz Chaim, a Jewish sage and holy man. This came from him. I found this on the internet:
“These were the words said by Rabbi Yosef Ben Porat, in the name of the Chofetz Chaim, who said during the First World War, that 25 years after it, another war will break out which will make the first one seem like a child’s game, and 75 years after that will come a third war, greater than the rest, making the second world war seem like a child’s game, and then the messiah will come."

Let us analyze the quote. First the Chofetz Chaim was correct about the prophecy of the Second World War beginning 25 years after the First one. Since he was at the time of the First World War, it was only natural that the starting point of reference that was revealed to the people was the beginning of the First World War and not the end of it which was still hidden for the people in those days. It naturally could not be the time the prophecy is revealed either as it has significantly less importance and connection compared to the one previously mentioned.
Next, the Chofetz Chaim also prophesied that the Third World War would begin 75 years after the Second one. Here the count started from the end of the Second World War as it is the natural one, and one which does not overlap with the previous part. The Second one, as we all know, ended on 1945. 1945 + 75 years = the year 2020 or the present 5780th Jewish year. The Third World War may have already begun and we may see more developments as time goes on. We don't know how long it would exactly take for this Third world war to be over. But even then, the truth of the matter will eventually be known to us. The more important thing to do is to be aware and to be always prepared. There can be nothing lost, but only gained by doing so. Being reader and follower of this blog, you already know what to do. You can even invite me, as I had previously mentioned.

To those who don't know the Chofetz Chaim, here is a little information about him. He is very famous on his teachings and books about the ethics of speech. You can find them and the additional information about him freely on the internet. And this also goes to show what when it comes to guarding his tongue, he was on a saintly level. Lying and making up things is not what he would do.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The Tree of Life

Continuation of what I will do as a king or world king. I will reveal to the world the holy name of God by which the entire world would be able to attain salvation. In this post, which warrants as a separate post by itself due to its importance, I will give that holy name of God, which it itself is the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is already known to the world. The world just doesn't know that it is what it is. The world does not know its true nature. The world does not know its meaning. God, being the creator/designer of the English language, also made the Tree of Life available through it. And so the Tree of Life was made available to all the people of the earth.

So what is the Tree of Life? It is the holy name, "Jewel". Jewel is a Hebrew name. Its name in Hebrew spells as four letters, Yod Vav Aleph Lamed, which means Jew El. Basically, it means Jew is El. In English, it means Jew is God. It counts as one of the holiest four lettered names. It is the same as the name of the Eternal King as found in the Apocalypse of Moses, but mine was revealed to me first before I even got to read the said writing. The pronunciation, which is also different from that of the said writing, was revealed to me as well. The pronunciation is absolutely correct. As a Master of The Name, I can tell you this without a single doubt.

God works in mysterious ways. The name "Jew/s" should have had a letter D when translated to English to indicate being from the Tribe of Judah, but it was not. Instead, only the first two letters, Yod Vav, were used. This was to show that the name "Jew/s" refer to both those from the Tribe of Judah and of Israel. In short, it was to denote all the people of God. In the end, it has never changed. From the time of the Torah up until now, God's name is with the the Jew/s.

The holy name "Jewel" has many deep meanings. But the first one that one must remember is its literal meaning which is Jew is El. When one sees a Jew, one must remember that Jew is God. Always respect the Jew/s, the image of God on earth. In Genesis 12:3, it says "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” It is through the holy name "Jew/s" that all these happen. And by this name that I just revealed, the world would be able to receive many blessings and also be able to attain salvation.

Friday, 23 August 2019

If I were to Become a King

This was posted on Facebook on Tisha B'av of this year, 5779. If your humble servant is to become a King, or a World King, what would he do? Let me give you some ideas. All of what I'm going to state may be subject to revision or addition for better clarity.

In all my ways, the God Most High, the God of Israel, will be my protector and strength. Without Him, it would be impossible for me to purify the world and to make it a better place. There are just too many obstacles, too many powerful people to overcome. Therefore, I will have to use the Merkabah of the Messiah. Isaiah 11:4, "But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth: with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked."

1. I will remove the corrupt leaders and officials. They will be punished by giving them jobs pertaining to garbage and trash. They will have jobs as cleaners, collectors, sorters, etc. They may be assigned to cleaning canals, sewers, sewages, etc. Criminals who have committed severe crimes will be sent to dump sites / landfills and garbage processing plants to work there for years or for life depending upon the severity of their crimes. Mild offenders will be sent to damaged environmental areas to clean them or rehabilitate them. Technology will hep with these.

2. Hollywood, and the like, is the prime source of corruption in the world today and for a long time now. It is the greatest initiator of sexual immorality. It caused the wrong empowerment of women, the breaking up of families, and eventually the rise of women who hate men and other bad feminism, etc. It caused the escalating degradation and increasing crimes against women. If only the television was managed properly, the salvation of the world would have already happened. I will use the television to undo all the corruption that it had caused to the people of the world. Programs that encourage moral depravity will not be shown, instead, those that promote virtue and wisdom and understanding. Women will be encouraged to be decent/modest and graceful. Men will be encouraged to be heroic and gentle.

Television initiates envy, together with the other deadly sins. With television, people see and become envious of other peoples' assets, the cause of many stealing and violence, and of the excessive materialism in the world today. With television, people see and become envious of other people having relationships or partners, even if what they have seen are bad or improper. Those who can't have resort to sexual crimes. Those who can have, do it even when they are still young and lacking intelligence, which lead to the corruption of our youth.

3. Having done the first two, I could then more easily do the third which is to deal with the corruption/pollution of nature. People have no idea of the great damage that we've already done to our environment and how we continue to do so. For example, there are too many clothes, plastics, and other objects littering the world today, too many chemicals being spilled in bodies of water or being spread in the air, and too many waves and radiations like cellular technologies that constantly pollute our surroundings. Slowly, I will close the cause of pollutions like the factories. The factories that will stay open will be not for profit but it will be so that there would be enough for everybody. For example, once there is more than enough supply of not more than 1 appliance per household that needs it, the factory production of such appliance would stop. If the appliance breaks, it will be repaired. Bottled drinks and canned foods will no longer be produced. People can either make them or buy them from their neighbor. There will be more than enough food for storage and there will not be too much wasted food. Excessive killing of animals and depletion of natural resources will be prevented.

The transition to environment friendly economy could be easily done. It is important that the corrupt officials be removed, and the small elites controlling the economies and doing damages to the world for the sake of profit be overpowered.

4. Now, when it comes to population, the world is overpopulated, and this is not good. In the Torah, God commanded Adam to be fruitful and multiply. What all the people who interpreted it in the past completely missed or neglected is when Adam was commanded, his state was like that of an angel. In other words, the said commandment was really only for righteous people. Noah, when he came out of the ark, was also commanded in the same way. It doesn't make sense that the commandment is for all people, and not correctly interpreting and following it is the cause of almost all the evil and sufferings in the world. How can following a commandment of God lead to sufferings? It does not. If it is correctly interpreted and followed, the world would be a better place. It could be a paradise.

Here are some of the changes that I would make, to give you an idea: Virtue will be highly looked at upon. The more righteous, intelligent, and responsible a person is, the more his/her chance of getting married. The society will have many social activities that would allow them to interact. Those who have bad records will not be eligible for marriage. The same goes for those who have engaged in premarital sex or those who have gone through a divorce. And the list goes on. Celibacy/Chastity will be highly looked at upon and praised. Eventually, the world will be filled with sages and holy people, just like in the many golden ages of the past worlds. This is a family planning that looks far ahead into the future, more than a thousand years ahead.

To be continued...

Friday, 2 August 2019

The Resurrection of the Dead

The benefits of having a genuine spiritual teacher are truly great. It also enables a person to achieve greater heights in a very short amount of time. But all of it has to do with the ripening of merits from the past lives. Rabbi Isaac Luria had given information about this.

Also, the Arizal wrote in his book Shaar Hagilgulim that “The generation of the final Redemption is a reincarnation of those who left Egypt.” In the same time frame starts the resurrection of the dead. How do we reconcile the two? One cannot have the reincarnated souls be presently living and then being resurrected at the same time, is it not? The truth is, the resurrection of the dead will indeed happen. But how it will happen is contrary to what many expects. The Messiah will deliver the teachings which would enable the reincarnated souls to achieve higher spiritual heights. The reincarnated souls would then eventually be able to surpass their past levels. Gradually, those reincarnated souls will have longer life spans because of it. Eventually the lifespan of 1000 years will be surpassed, and the curse of Adam will be no more. And it will continue to climb.

The prophets and sages of the past wrote that in the messianic era, there will be world peace. Life will continue to go on as before. It remains true even with the resurrection of the dead. And now you know why.

The resurrection of the dead as stated in Isaiah and Daniel is not to be understood as the literal long time dead coming back to life. God does not work that way, even though He is able to. He does it in a way I mentioned. And those verses also has to do with Justice. And they show that Justice is also delivered in the next lives. And that is why the past sages used the princinples of reincarnation or recurrence to explain how Justice is done.

My teachings is part of the resurrection of the dead. They were made very simple. But when Israel still can't understand it, it only means that Israel needs more purification to become deserving enough to obtain my teachings. The acceptance of my teaching is then delayed just as it is now. But once Israel has gotten the necessary purifications, Israel will eventually come to me. And the resurrection of the dead will happen.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Elijah of Redemption / Geula

What does it mean to have the spirit of Elijah? Basically, what it means is having the passion or having great zeal for God. The same is with Phinehas of the Bible.

The passion for God is necessary if a person ever wants to know God, especially in this godless or idolatrous time of ours. How near a person would be to God depends on the degree of his passion towards Him. The bigger the genuine passion, the greater the amount of effort that will be spend, and the more spiritual work will be done to get near Him. What I am also telling you here is that the potential for you to achieve greater spiritual heights than I have is always there. Ignorance about God is a choice.

From my experience, one of the best things about doing spiritual labour for God is He is just. You will get what you actually deserve. Too many efforts in this world had gone to waste or remained unpaid. With God, there is fulfillment. For me, one of such fulfillments was when I was able to attain the complete Divine Chariot (Merkabah) of Elijah.

What is the Divine Chariot (Merkabah) of Elijah? In the Torah, it is found on the first few chapters of Ezekiel. It is also found on Isaiah. In Kabbalah, it is considered to be the highest, even higher than Ma'aseh Bereshit. And this loftiness is one of the reasons why there is a prohibition against its study. It must be studied only by exemplary scholars: "Ma'aseh Bereshit must not be explained before two, nor Ma'aseh Merkabah before one, unless he be wise and understands it by himself." And that is how I understood it.

The study and practice of the Merkabah is most dangerous. Merkabah is synonymous with fire. If one is not careful, he will be consumed by fire. As you already know, there is a famous story in the Talmud about four sages who entered Pardes, but with only one who came out whole and unharmed. Actually, in the end, none of the four who went in went unharmed. The one who was supposed to be unharmed was burned alive. In the Zohar, there are events where when the sages expounded the Merkabah, fire descends from heaven.

True attainment of Merkabah means having absolute protection. One who has it is not supposed to have an untimely death. On the contrary, he should have the power to be able to destroy death.

As Merkabah is fire, you should have respect to the one who has it. If not, you will be like an insect who dives into a fire. You will only hurt yourself severely. It is a painful way to be purified, is it not? Having a mental breakage, getting an illness, losing some limbs, being involved with some accidents, etc. are just some of the effects. I'm not practicing the Merkabah at the moment, and you still haven't seen me, but still. It is better to know in advance just in case. In the future, if God wills that I get to lead Israel, I will have to use it.

As Elijah using the Merkabah, what manifestation of God I represents? It is God as the King of the Universe, King of Powers, King of Miracles, King Transcendent is He.